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Serbia-Japan relations based on mutual efforts says Japan Ambassador in Serbia HE.Kuroki

Since the transition, Japan has brought a great deal of assistance to Serbia as part of the building of democratic institutions, infrastructure, and social causes.  Read more…

How to fight unemployment in Serbia, Interview with Malisa Grujic Trenkwalder Serbia CEO

Europe has been fighting the problem of increasing unemployment for years. Despite the fact that the average unemployment in the EU is only 10,8%, the  Read more…

US supports Serbia on its way to EU, interview with US Ambassador Kirby

American investments in Serbia started early in the transition and continue to be important for the development of the Serbian economy. In order to provide an investment friendly environment, the government’s efforts in  Read more…

Constructing the South Stream is the Priority

Srbijagas is the gas leader in Serbia. The public enterprise was established on October 1, 2005 following a government decision. However, despite the company’s being successful, it shares the  Read more…

Consensus on Most Important Issues

In the last few months, the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina has been the subject of many political and economic controversies – from the closure of the Development Bank  Read more…

Kolubara lignite is still the energy security pivot of Serbia says RBK CEO

Without MB Kolubara as the most essential part of EPS, whether someone wants to see it or not, there is no stability and no power  Read more…

Lignit aus Kolubara ist noch weiter ein Drehpunkt der Energiesicherheit

Ohne RB Kolubara /Bergbaubecken/, als einen der wichtigsten Teile von EPS, will jemand das einsehen  oder nicht, gibt es keine elektro-energetische Stabilität und Zukunft Serbiens.  Read more…

NIS CEO: Gazprom is our main shareholder, but we support Serbia’s EU bid

Gazprom Neft holds a 56% stake in NIS, the largest energy company in Serbia, but the company vows to do business “outside politics” and support  Read more…

EU expect from Serbia to go forward with its EU membership process, says Jelko Kacin

The European Parliament’s special rapporteur for Serbia and the Southeast Europe, Jelko Kacin represents the most direct channel through which the European Union and Serbia  Read more…

Bulgaria and Serbia are working together on regional cooperation, says Bulgaria Ambassador to Serbia

“Regional cooperation is much more than just a prerequisite to the development of one or another area of society. It is the key to mutual  Read more…

Business News Serbia

  • Central bank won’t allow instability in case of short-term market shocks

  • Kolubara exceeds the planned coal output

  • Central Bank Key Policy Rate Kept at 9.5 Percent

  • One of the biggest problems in our country is the public debt

  • Serbian Central Bank Retains Policy Rate For Second Month

  • Tunisair, will boost its presence in Serbia

  • Serbian fruit growing business is of interest to Chinese investors

  • Azerbaijan and Serbia to discuss economic cooperation

Energy Business Serbia

  • Serbia: EPS power gen facilities achieved the record production, but did not achieve the annual plans, overhauls needed

  • Serbia mining, report: Is Bor golden goose or election duck: copper and gold for 18 billion dollars

  • Serbia: Italy MK Fintel Wind gets permission for 30MW

  • Serbia: TPP Kostolac, Public procurement under the new law

  • Serbia: Smart metters tender still on hold, The new meters would reduce bills, the report

  • Serbia exclusive: Electricity market liberalization and market share of EPS, impact on big consumers, the report