Dacic: Greek President was crying while I was singing to him

Published on December 18, 2013 9:00 am

Ivica Dacic is the Prime Minister of Serbia, the Home Minister of Serbia and the President of the Socialist Party of Serbia. His nature however is often in conflict with his political duties. He likes to sing, make jokes and have a good time in a bar or restaurant. That is why we spoke with Dacic about some ordinary human things at the ‘Sokace’, one of his favorite bars in which he frequently sings a song or two.

- I like to sing but I never grab a microphone. I sing only if somebody asks me. When I do that, they say that the Prime Minister should not behave so. One thing is certain: for my 50th birthday on January 1, 2016 I shall hold a gig at the Sava Center ‘Ivica Dacic and friends are singing for you’. My friends are singers and actors and we shall all sing. I have already told Zeljko Joksimovic to elaborate the project. I intend to invite Haris Dzinovic, Halid Beslic, Ceca…

Are you then a Prime Minister or an entertainer?
- People think that politicians are aliens, but I am an ordinary man. I sing with all my heart and soul. When I was in Sarajevo Halid Beslic called me and we went to a bar and sang ‘Miljacka’. Tomorrow media reported that the Prime Minister was singing in a bar. Why not? When I have guests from abroad and when I organize a diner, there are always musicians with us and good atmosphere is being created. Once, the President of Greece asked me to sing him a partisan song. While I was singing he was crying!

Does your family is under pressure because of political duties? Do people bother you or ask for help?
- My close associates should open offices for help because I am receiving so many requests of that kind. I like to help, but some do not deserve to be helped. As regards my family, I can tell you that my sister had problems only because I am her brother. She is an actress but nobody showed any interest in her only because she is Ivica Dacic’s sister. When she became a member of the Atelje 212 Management Board although I was against it, she only wanted to do something for professional reasons but the whole city was rumoring that I secured her a seat at that theatre.

Do you have more friends today than before?
‘Well today I am the cleverest, the most attractive…

I am asking you about friends?
- I have friends, not too many. One has to be a master to determine who one’s friends really are. My oldest friend is Svetlana Raznatovic. I know her from my childhood because we both are from Zitoradja. I also have friends from my faculty. When I see someone I first remember the moment we met. Other politicians have same experience. Tell me where Tadic’s closest associates are today?

Are you afraid that the same can happen to you?
- I do not have associates and I like to do everything alone. Some think that various companies, agencies and similar are behind me, but I am doing everything by myself. As regards others I only expect them do their job the best they can’.

You have a son and a daughter. How much time do you spend with them?
- I often do not see them for several days. When I leave they are sleeping, when I return home, they are sleeping again. My daughter recently told me she would like me come to school for her once at least.

What about your wife?
- She has got used to it. We are living in this way ever since we have met.

What would you like your children to be by vocation?
- It is on them to decide but I know what they are talented for. My son Luka is not very much delighted about the school and I see that he has a soul of an artist. His life is acting. He is also talented in drawing. Unlike him my daughter is more of a serious type. She sees she shall by the Police Minister when she grows up.

When was it the last time that you were on a holiday with your family?
- It was three years ago. The problem is that a family has a rhythm of its own. Children have their school holidays and those holidays are frequently at the same time of some state holidays. So it happens that children are not at home either for the Christmas or the Easter and then I am at home quite alone.

What would you change about yourself?
- I should be more cautious in my contacts with people.

Unfulfilled wish?
To go to Vienna for my birthday and listen to the New Year’s concert of the Vienna Philharmonic.

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