Serbia export of weapons up to 100 million dollars to Libya

Published on April 22, 2013 5:00 am

Zastava Oruzje company, Serbian most famous arms producer, is being seriously prepared for big business arrangement with Libya which includes export of infantry weapons in amount of 100 million dollars in the next two to three years and which will be the business of a decade for the factory.

-Confirmation that state will sign an export contract with Libya within Jugoimport SDPR Company arrived in Kragujevac. Big work related to the modernization of production hall and equipment and introduction of new technologies will begin after signing the contract and expansion of capacities that includes construction of a new factory on existing location is in the plan. Weapon users from Kragujevac completely understand that new, modern production drives will be necessary for realization of this big announced business with Libya, next to existing ones and they seriously reconsider possibility of construction of new factory and the number of employees will be significantly increased.

Zastava Oruzje will deliver big contingents of machine guns M 84, the newest army rifle M 21, grenade launchers, long range snipers “black arrow” and other weapons to Libya.

We should remind that Delegation of Ministry of Defense has recently visited Kragujevac weapon factory and its boss Kalid Mohamed al Sarif has announced renewal of cooperation of its country with our army industry. According to his words, regulation of previously non-achieved obligations should precede it, what opened a possibility to oil debt be paid within weapon export compensation.

Zastava’s weapon factory has already arranged export business for this year, mostly for American trade in amount of 45 million dollars that overburdened existing production and cadre potentials. Therefore, National Employment Services will engage 200 of new production workers. Work agreements with 160 young workers, which have been engaged here since the autumn last year, will be prolonged at the same time.

Source;Serbia Times/Agencies

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